Autistic friendly web design

Web design that is suitable for autistic people

When deciding which content management systems is the best for your business, you must first know which are the main alternatives. Also you must keep in mind that people have different needs online and it would be beneficial for autistic people to design something in line with their needs.

The main content managers you can find or that your webmaster can propose when creating or redesigning the website of your business are Blogger, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress.

Therefore, within the three options above, based on my experience and the type of business you have in mind, your choice should  WordPress ( I mean, not

This decision is based on seven major reasons:

1. It is open source

This means that no one owns the code. In other words, behind WordPress is a huge community of programmers who are selflessly maintaining and developing the platform code.

For you to understand, you’ll have a large group of developers working with you without costing you one dollar.

3. High level of security

Because the content manager that is most commonly used requires greater security. Besides, you can implement security plugins that will make your business website impregnable.

3. Easy SEO

Google loves WordPress. WordPress has been developed to be the content management platform that best search engine optimization works.

Also, you can install some plugins like SEO by Yoast (Google it) that will improve the level of positioning your business website.

4. Easy to use and learn

One of the reasons why WordPress has become the most widely used content management on the internet is because of its ease of use.
You don’t need anyone to update the contents of the website of your business.

Also, if you need to learn anything in WordPress, you have hundreds of courses that is either free or paid.

5. Scalable

WordPress is divided into a core and countless extensions (called plugins). You’ll never find limited if you start your website business with this platform.

If you need an online store, you can use WooCommerce. If you need a social network on your site, you can use BuddyPress, and you can use them within a click.

But even if no plugin does what you need, its not a problem, since you’ll be able to search among millions of developers who perfectly know WordPress to develop the plugin to do what your business needs.

6. Most used Content Management System

The figures speak for themselves . Of the websites in the world, only 37.6% use a content manager (the number would be even higher if we take only the sites made in the last five years). Of these, over 60% use WordPress, followed at a distance by Joomla, with only 8%. As you can see, your business should not reinvent the wheel.

7. Large variety of designs to choose

WordPress completely separates the content part of the design part. So to work with WordPress you may purchase a template that suits your requirements.

There are free and paid templates available, and there’s a lot of good web designers that design and customize the theme depending on your business need.

There’s no doubt that WordPress is the number one Content Management System (CMS) today. It is used by most web designers and business sector because it is flexible and easy to use, not to mention that it is free!

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