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Taking care of your teeth at home tips

It would be a humiliating moment if someone pointed out that you have disgusting breath. However, this is the worst case scenario! – usually, people are too nice to tell the truth – to tell someone that he or she has a bad breath.  Thus, if nobody is telling us this, it does not necessarily mean that we do not have this condition.  For our own sake and for others sake as well, it would be a good idea to pay attention to your oral condition and find a way to treat it—as fast as possible.  So the question now is that, how can you cure your bad breath?

Bad breath or halitosis is an oral condition which is characterized by odorous smell of breath.  This condition has several causes and may have different sources as well.  Most common source of this is the mouth; throat and stomach, though not commonly experienced, may be the source of bad breath too.  There are different ways on how you can cure bad breath, but just like any health conditions, before the proper treatment and medication be given, a thorough study of the cause of the bad breath and the condition of the patient has to be known.

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Following is a list of possible causes and steps on how to cure bad breath.

The first step would be to consult a dentist. Your dentist has specialized in the field of diagnosing what is wrong with your mouth. He can tell you what actually causes your bad breath. There can be a number of causes such as dental hygiene, tooth decay, gum disease or throat disease.  If tooth decay or plaque build-up is the cause, the dentist can administer the proper treatment.

If seeking medical help is not yet possible, it is advisable that you start proper oral hygiene to be sure that your mouth is clean of bacteria.  Bad breath is caused by bacteria, thus, eradicating these organisms should get rid of it.  For proper oral hygiene: Regular brushing of teeth and tongue, and flossing should be done at least twice a day, especially every after meal.  If this is not possible, rinsing the mouth with water can help in flushing out food debris. It is important that your teeth be clean from traces of food because bacteria feed on it.


How to cure bad breath at home, natural remedies?

To fully cure bad breath, it is important that you know the other possible causes of this so that you can prevent doing things or eating food that will worsen your condition.  For instance, smoking and drinking are known to be possible causes of bad breath, thus, if you are a smoker or a regular drinker and you want to get rid of bad breath, you should start by stopping smoking and drinking.  As for food, onion and garlic are known to produce unpleasant smell and the smell usually stays a bit longer in the mouth.  Chewing raw apples, carrots or celery can trigger production of saliva, saliva is known to be our natural mouthwash, thus if brushing is not possible, chewing these can help rinse the mouth.

Dry mouth also causes bad breath because it makes the mouth conducive for the reproduction of bacteria, avoid breathing thru mouth and drink plenty of water to treat this condition.

Certain diseases can also be a cause of bad breath. Thus, if bad breath still exists even after practicing proper oral hygiene, it is important that medical help is sought to diagnose if there are other medical disorders present. This article was presented to you by Family Dentist Malta. The leading dentistry in the country of Malta